Professional Ground Engineering & Construction

A fastest growing ground engineering company in Myanmar

Sheet Piling Services

We are specialized in installation of

- “U” type sheet piles

- Type III,IIA,IV and etc.

with our noise free environmental friendly Silent Piler.

Our Track Records

1. Sheet Piling Work for Sanchaung Garden Residence Condominium at. Sanchaung Road, Sanchaung Township.

2. Sheet Piling Work for Myat Waddy Residence at Sayar San Road, Bahan Township.

3. Sheet Piling Work for CPF fertilizer plant at Thilawa SEZ , Thanlyin Township.

4. Sheet Pilling Work for Goethee Institue, Kabaraye Pagoda Road , Bahan Township.

5. Sheet Piling Works for Yoma Central (Grand Meeyahtar) at Kyaukdata Township

6. Sheet Pilling Work for Tang's Mension Residential at Dagon Township

7. Sheet Pilling Work for Thilawa Access Road at Thanlyin Township

8. Sheet Piling Work for Willmar Flour Mill.

9. Sheet Piling Work for YCP/PYN Interface.

10. Sheet Piling Work for Yankin Private Public Partnership Redevelopment Project.

11. Sheet Piling Work for 8½ Storeyed Apartment at Phoe Sein Street.

12. Sheet Piling Work for Japan Myanmar Tobacco Factory.

13. Sheet Piling Work for Yoma Central/ Grand Meeyahtar Project.